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<h1>The Reflective Commons</h1>
<h1>The Reflective Commons</h1>
<p class="large">Let's make ''LearnLiberally.org'' a worksite to support persons engaged in forming themselves.</p>
<p class="large cent"><b>Let's make ''LearnLiberally.org'' a worksite to support persons engaged in forming themselves.</b></p>
<li>How does sound self-formation take place?</li>
<li>How does sound self-formation take place?</li>

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The Reflective Commons


Let's make LearnLiberally.org a worksite to support persons engaged in forming themselves.

  • How does sound self-formation take place?
  • Why should we bother about self-education?
  • How can we interact together to further our self-cultivation?
  • What impediments and distractions should we avoid?
  • What resources will help us learn liberally and form ourselves?

Here we address such questions about the humane powers of self-formation and the difficulties cultivating them.

We are just beginning this worksite. To do so, the we need to get to work. To invigorate the theory and practice of self-education, we organize our work through five broad categories —

  • exemplars, historical persons whose life and work inspires attention
  • participants, living persons who work to cultivate themselves and others
  • activities, educative interactions to foster the actors' self-formation
  • concepts, historical and theoretical principles of value in shaping an inner life
  • tools, organizing good digital resources supportive of learning liberally

If you want to jump in, request an account and start, big or small. Everything needs doing.

Persons making their choices and using their judgment learn liberally to better conduct their lives. Hence we structure the worksite to concentrate on the lived experience of persons — past, present, and future. We do not oppose institutions or programs, but liberal learning has actuality through persons and their lived experience, extending where institutions do not reach. That actuality takes effort and perseverance; it encounters difficulties, disappointments, limitations; it copes with circumstances, fortuitous and adverse; it risks decision and action in the face of uncertainty; and succeed or fail, it works to learn from the results, alert to their substance and ironies. Persons intentionally forming themselves are an actual educative force, which will further amplify the formal instruction persons receive with the drive of their autonomous purpose.


Beginning, the Reflective Commons — a multilingual, web-based, free-content project — will emerge, taking on the form and substance that participants give it. We aspire to meet five imperatives of liberal learning:

They're imperatives because self-formation takes disciplined effort. Brief reflections about each suggest an initial organization for our work. Check the imperatives out and if the possibilities interest you, please join in!

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