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Principles Used in Forming this Worksite

I sense that differs from other sites on education, but I'm not sure why.
It's good you ask! We are trying to work differently in some key ways and hope you'll participate in interacting on the site in its distinctive spirit.
Well.... OK, I'll try. But I've got to say that "interacting in its distinctive spirit" doesn't say much. Don't give me meaningless phrases! Be explicit.
Fair enough! Let's explore the differences actively doing things on different sites. Let's start by querying Wikipedia with the term "study" and then entering the same query here, comparing the results. What happens when you query Wikipedia?
You get a page that lists a lot of links to other pages. I think it's called a "disambiguation page." It links to articles that have the word "study" in the article name.
Right, and what do you get querying with "study" here on LearnLiberally?
It's a page that also links to a lot of other pages through a word map with a jumble of words indicating the variety of things students do as they study. If Wikipedia uses a "disambiguater," here it is sort of a "complication page"—I'll call it a complicater!
Interesting. Do you see any other significant differences?
Well, Wikipedia uses "study" in naming something—a work, a subject, a film in one case, and a person. It's a noun. On LearnLiberally, "study" is a verb, "to study" and the complicater get's me thinking about the verb, to study, and links to a whole lot of other verbs indicating the sorts of things people often do while studying.
Yes! Verbs, not nouns, significantly differentiates LearnLiberally. We think free persons learn best by concentrating on their doing. Our inner lives, our lived experience does not consist in static states of being, but in continual, cascading activity—perceiving, acting, controlling—and persons develop by taking care of it all, minding it all. We want our worksite to stimulate and nurture what we can do in the continuous fluxing and flexing as we intentionally experience our lives.